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Question 1: Progressive art theory of the 18th-century opposed the ________ beauty of illusionism with the classic beauty of truth and reason.
Western art historyMannerismBaroqueRenaissance

Question 2: Architects such as ________ and Auguste Perret incorporated the virtues of structural rationalism throughout the 19th century in their buildings.
FontainebleauHenri LabrousteBibliothèque nationale de FranceBibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève

Question 3: ________ had already established in his work De Architectura that architecture is a science that can be comprehended rationally.
Classical antiquityRoman RepublicVitruviusRoman technology

Question 4: This gave rise to ________, which further explored this concept.
Late modernismWestern paintingPostmodern artModernism

Question 5: This formulation was taken up and further developed in the architectural treatises of the ________.
BaroqueRenaissanceWestern art historyItalian Renaissance

Question 6: In that respect it represented a reaction to historicism and a contrast to ________ and Expressionism.
FauvismImpressionismCubismArt Nouveau


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