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Question 1: [9] The mathematical theory of image scanning was developed in detail using ________ techniques in a classic paper by Mertz and Gray of Bell Labs in 1934[10].
Fourier transformHilbert spaceConvolutionFourier analysis

Question 2: These are mostly not visible to end users, but were visible in the case of XFree86 Modelines, where users of ________ could (and sometimes needed to) manually adjust these timings, particularly to achieve certain resolutions or refresh rates.
X Window SystemX.Org

Question 3: Each scan line can be transmitted in the form of an analog signal as it is read from the video source, as in television systems, or can be further divided into discrete ________ for processing in a computer system.
RGB color modelDisplay resolutionColor Graphics AdapterPixel

Question 4: There is a misconception that once a scan line is complete, a CRT display in effect suddenly jumps internally, by analogy with a typewriter or printer's paper advance or ________, before creating the next scan line.


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