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Question 1: They rejected the ________ signed by the government of Prime Minister Nuri as-Said in 1930.
Anglo-Iraqi WarMesopotamian campaignRAF Iraq CommandAnglo-Iraqi Treaty (1930)

Question 2: By mid-May, British forces from Habbaniya had moved on to ________ and, after overcoming Iraqi resistance there, moved on to Baghdad.
Al Anbar GovernorateRamadiFallujahAr Rutba

Question 3: Iraq had been a major supplier of ________ to the Allied war effort and represented an important landbridge between British forces in Egypt and India.
PetroleumEnergy developmentPetroleum industryPeak oil

Question 4: Once again he attempted to seize power, and plotted a revolt against ________'s government.
Abd al-Karim QasimNouri al-MalikiNuri as-SaidAhmed Hassan al-Bakr

Question 5: Later pardoned, he returned to exile in ________, Lebanon, where he died in 1965.

Question 6: Upon the defeat of Germany, Gaylani again fled and found refuge this time in ________.
Saudi ArabiaCyprusPakistanPapua New Guinea

Question 7: On 31 March 1940, when Gaylani was again appointed Prime Minister, ________ had started and Iraq had just experienced the premature death of King Ghazi.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 8: The Sunni Muslim Gaylani were known as sadeh, signifying that they were a family of religion that traced their ancestry back to the ________ prophet Muhammad.
Islamic schools and branchesMuslim historyIslamMosque

Question 9: In the ________, another force was created to enter Iraq from the west and relieve RAF Habbaniya, Habbaniya Force.
British Mandate of PalestineJordanGibraltarBritish Empire

Question 10: Before he left Baghdad, Gaylani contacted ________ and informed him that he had chosen his house as a safe haven for the Royal family to stay until the conflict ended.
Kurdish peopleIranIraqMulla Effendi

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