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Rasagiline: Quiz


Question 1: Examples include but are not limited to fluvoxamine, ________, ciprofloxacin and omeprazole.
H2 antagonistRanitidineFamotidineCimetidine

Question 2: A double-blind, randomized, delayed start study, it evaluated patients for a year using a ________ and doses of 1 mg and 2 mg per day.
AntidepressantPharmaceutical drugNoceboPlacebo

Question 3: It is chemically similar to ________ and its metabolic breakdown path eventually yields l-methamphetamine derivatives that have been associated with cardiac and psychiatric effects in some patients.

Question 4: About half of them did not require additional ________ therapy two years later.
DopaminergicDopamine reuptake inhibitorTranylcypromineMonoamine oxidase inhibitor

Question 5: Both are found in the brain, but MAO-B is far more prevalent and is responsible for the breakdown of ________ after its release into the synapse.

Question 6: Human cells contain two forms of monoamine oxidase, ________ and MAO-B.
SerotoninDopamineTranylcypromineMonoamine oxidase A

Question 7: These studies show that ________ can, under some circumstances, create a harmful chemical called MPP+ that in turn creates free radicals.
Monoamine oxidaseMonoamine oxidase BMonoamine oxidase AAdenosine A2A receptor

Question 8: ________ was the first MAO inhibitor approved for use in Parkinson's disease in the United States.

Question 9: Rasagiline is broken down via ________[7], part of the cytochrome P450 metabolic path in the liver.

Question 10: Laboratory studies show that rasagiline has in vitro and in vivo ________ effects but its neuroprotective effect in Parkinson's disease patients is unknown at present.
NeuroprotectionNeuronNervous systemAstrocyte

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