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Rare (company): Quiz


Question 1:
How many employees does Rare (company) have?
200+ full time
Over 200, as of 2007
200 at head office

Question 2:
When was Rare (company) founded?
1982 San Francisco, California
1982 as Librairie Bu00E9dulle

Question 3: They were signed with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (who made sure this defection was well publicised in the games press) and were all set to develop a new ________ game.
PlayStation 3PlayStation PortablePlayStation 2PlayStation

Question 4:
Which of these is a Rare (company) product?
Video games
Mobile video games, ring tones, images, et al.
Video Games, Consoles and Accessories
Games for Nintendo video game consoles

Question 5:
What entity owns Rare (company)?
Km Radio of St. Johns, L.L.C.
Stillwater Broadcasting Limited

Question 6: Web video shows have been granted access in recent years, such as Eurogamer in November 2006,[8] The 1UP Show[9] and ________ UK's Start Select in May 2008.
CBSCNET NetworksLast.fmGameSpot

Question 7:
What industry is Rare (company) in?

Question 8:
Who of the following people founded Rare (company)?

Question 9: In 2002, Star Fox Adventures became the only Rare game released on the ________, with an average Metacritic score of 82/100.
Nintendo 64Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemWiiNintendo GameCube

Question 10: In the early 1990s, GamesMaster was one of ________'s biggest shows and was wanting to profile what went on inside Rare's.
BBCS4CFive (TV channel)Channel 4

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