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Question 1:
What role did José Fonseca e Costa play in the movie Ransom?
Sean Mullen
Terrorist Leader
Burton Meredith
Tom Mullen

Question 2:
Who played Terrorist Leader the movie Ransom?
Sean Connery
Edmund Burns
José Fonseca e Costa
Robert Harris

Question 3: letters sent by the captors to those who they expect to pay up) are constructed from letters cut from ________ to stop anyone from recognising the handwriting of the extortionist.
News mediaMedia biasDefamationNewspaper

Question 4:
Who played Tom Mullen the movie Ransom?
Mel Gibson
Kevin Campos
Mel Gibson
Norton de Matos

Question 5:
Who played Villian the movie Ransom?
Jacques Perrin
Joseph Estrada
Kevin Campos
João Grosso

Question 6:
Who played Bobby the movie Ransom?
Jackie Combs
Kevin Campos
Jacques Perrin
Joseph Estrada

Question 7:
Who played Burton Meredith the movie Ransom?
William V. Mong
Edmund Burns
Kaelan Housewright
Ian McShane

Question 8:
Who played Miles Roberts the movie Ransom?
Kaelan Housewright
Evan Handler
Mel Gibson
Norton de Matos

Question 9:
What role did Jackie Combs play in the movie Ransom?
Col. Nils Tahlvik

Question 10: In typography, and later in computing lore, the ransom note effect occurs when a document uses too many ________.
FontTypefaceOpenTypeTypographic ligature

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