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Ranjana script: Quiz


Question 1: A ________ block for the script has also been proposed by Evertype[12].
Universal Character SetHan unificationUnicodeUTF-8

Question 2: The script is used primarily to write Nepal Bhasa, though sometimes also used to write ________.

Question 3: The Ranjana script (syn: Kutila, Lantsa[1]) is an ________ writing system developed as a derivative of Brāhmī in 11th century[2].
Malayalam scriptAbugidaBengali scriptDevanagari

Question 4: It is primarily used for writing Nepal Bhasa but is also used in monasteries of India, Tibet, coastline ________, Mongolia, and Japan[2].
ChinaTime in ChinaReligion in ChinaProvince (China)

Question 5: It is considered to be the ________ form of Nepal scripts.
CalligraphyBlackletterTypefaceLower case

Question 6: The script is also used in most of the ________ and Vajrayana monasteries[3].
MahayanaMahayana sutrasBuddhist textsBuddhism

Question 7: It is a ________[1] and shows similarities to the Devanagari script of northern India and Nepal.
Brāhmī scriptTibetan scriptKhmer scriptBrahmic family of scripts


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