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Range of motion: Quiz


Question 1: As used in the ________ and weightlifting communities, it is the measurement of the achievable distance between the flexed position and the extended position of a particular joint or muscle group.
Medical researchClinical trialAnimal testingEpidemiology

Question 2: It is also called range of travel, particularly when talking about mechanical devices and in ________ fields.
Electrical engineeringAerospace engineeringMechanical engineeringEntertainment engineering

Question 3: For example, a volume knob (a rotary fader) may have a 300° range of travel from the "off" or muted (fully ________) position at lower left, going clockwise to its maximum-loudness position at lower right.
AttenuationInverse-square lawOptical fiberTransparency and translucency

Question 4: The act of attempting to increase this distance through therapeutic exercises (range-of-motion therapy—________ from flexion to extension for physiological gain) is also sometimes called range of motion.
Dynamic stretchingBallistic stretchingStretchingActive stretching

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