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Randomized controlled trial: Quiz


Question 1: The analysis of the trial results requires knowledge of medicine, ________, and in particular statistics.
EpidemiologyNutritionPublic healthHuman nutrition

Question 2: These trials are open to challenge for bias, and they do nothing to reduce the ________ effect.
Pharmaceutical drugAntidepressantPlaceboNocebo

Question 3: A ________ trial is a clinical trial design in which neither the participating individuals nor the study staff knows which participants are receiving the experimental drug and which are receiving a placebo.
Randomized controlled trialOdds ratioCrossover studyBlind experiment

Question 4: As their name suggests, RCTs involve the ________ allocation of different interventions (treatments or conditions) to subjects.
ProbabilityInformation theoryRandomnessHardware random number generator

Question 5: RCTs are also employed in other research areas, such as judicial, educational, ________ and social science research.
PovertyUnited NationsInternational developmentMillennium Development Goals

Question 6: Randomized controlled trial (________, Open-label trial)
Odds ratioRepeated measures designCrossover studyBlind experiment

Question 7: The most common meaning is that the subject, researcher and person administering the treatment (often a ________) are blinded to what is being given.
PharmacyPharmacistDietitianEmergency medical services

Question 8: There may be a political issue at stake (compare ________) or vested interests (compare homeopathy).
MMR vaccineVaccine controversyMMR vaccine controversyInfluenza vaccine

Question 9: This introduces ________ and confounders and distorts the results of the study.
Selection biasCognitive biasConfirmation biasSampling bias

Question 10: treatments where active participation of the patient is necessary (e.g., physical therapy, ________)
Low-carbohydrate dietObesityDietingAtkins diet

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