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Question 1: He was educated at Eton College and ________ and became a journalist.
Merton College, OxfordOriel College, OxfordChrist Church, OxfordJesus College, Oxford

Question 2: He stood for parliament on many other occasions, and was defeated at each – including losing to future Labour leader ________ at Plymouth Devonport in the 1951 general election.
Tony BlairMichael FootClement AttleeHarold Wilson

Question 3: His first marriage, to the well-known socialite The Honourable Pamela Digby (later and better known as ________), produced a son, Winston Churchill, who became a Member of Parliament.
Arthur A. HartmanAlbert GallatinPamela HarrimanWilliam Christian Bullitt, Jr.

Question 4: The Rise and Fall of Sir ________ (1959)
Winston ChurchillAlec Douglas-HomeHarold MacmillanAnthony Eden

Question 5: He is buried with his parents and siblings at St Martin's Church, Bladon, near ________.
Chipping Norton, OxfordshireWitneyBurfordWoodstock, Oxfordshire

Question 6: He was elected unopposed as ________ for Preston during the war (1940-45) to fill a vacancy, but lost his seat in the 1945 general election.
BicameralismUnicameralismParliamentary systemMember of Parliament

Question 7: In 1931 he shared ________' house in London with John Betjeman.
SurrealismThe Seven Deadly SinsEdward JamesGiorgio de Chirico

Question 8: It was "buried" by Foreign Secretary ________ (who also attempted to discredit Waugh) to save diplomatic embarrassment, as Tito was then seen as a required ally of Britain and an official "friend".
Harold MacmillanWinston ChurchillAnthony EdenAlec Douglas-Home

Question 9: If Sir Winston Churchill had accepted a peerage, upon his death, his son would have automatically been forced to move to the ________, giving up his seat in the House of Commons, should he have held one.
House of LordsPolitics of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomHouse of Commons of the United Kingdom

Question 10: In both the Western Desert Campaign and Yugoslavia, Churchill crossed paths with Fitzroy Maclean, who wrote of their adventures, and some of the problems Churchill caused him, in his memoir ________.
Josip Broz TitoYugoslav PartisansAxis powersEastern Approaches


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