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Ramsay MacDonald: Quiz


Question 1: When this was repeatedly turned down, Mosley resigned from the government in February 1931 and went on to form the New Party, and later the ________ after he converted to Fascism.
William JoyceBritish Union of FascistsDiana MitfordOswald Mosley

Question 2: In 1916, he was expelled from the Moray Golf Club in ________ for supposedly bringing the club into disrepute because of his pacifist views.
BuckieLossiemouthElgin, MorayBurghead

Question 3:
Where did Ramsay MacDonald die?
Lost in the Atlantic Ocean
SS France, Atlantic Ocean
South Atlantic Ocean
The Atlantic Ocean, on holiday

Question 4: In ________, he formed a "National Government" in which a majority of MPs were from the Conservatives.

Question 5:

Question 6:
Which is currently the premier party of Ramsay MacDonald?
Liberal Democrats
Conservative Party
Prohibition Party

Question 7:

Question 8:
Who was the successor of Ramsay MacDonald?

Question 9: In 1893, Keir Hardie had formed the ________ (ILP) which had established itself as a mass movement and so in May 1894 MacDonald applied for membership of, and was accepted into, the ILP.
British Socialist PartyIndependent Labour PartySocial Democratic FederationLabour Party (UK)

Question 10: Lord Haldane - Lord Chancellor and joint ________
Leader of the House of LordsPrime Minister of the United KingdomLeader of the House of CommonsChancellor of the Exchequer

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