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Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona: Quiz


Question 1: Ramon Berenguer's younger son Pedro inherited the county of ________ and lands north of the Pyrenees.
French CerdagneConflentRoussillonCerdanya

Question 2: On the other hand, formation of a new political entity in the north-east at a time when ________ seceded from León in the west gave more balance to the Christian kingdoms of the peninsula.
SpainEast TimorPortugalGreece

Question 3: Ramon Berenguer also campaigned in ________, helping his brother Berenguer Ramon and his infant nephew Ramon Berenguer II against Counts of Toulouse.

Question 4: In the middle years of his rule, his attention turned to campaigns against the ________.
Al-AndalusMoorsBerber peopleSpain

Question 5: Ramon Berenguer successfully pulled Aragon out of its pledged submission to Castile, aided no doubt by the beauty and charm of his sister Berenguela, wife of ________, for which she was well-known in her time.
Afonso I of PortugalAlfonso VII of León and CastileAlfonso VI of León and CastileReconquista

Question 6: 1113 – 6 August 1162), sometimes called the Holy, was the ________ who effected the union between the Kingdom of Aragon and the Principality of Catalonia into the Crown of Aragon.
Catalan nationalismCatalan literatureHistory of CataloniaCounts of Barcelona

Question 7: On August 11, 1137 in ________ he was betrothed to the infant Petronila of Aragon, aged one at the time.

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