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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  US postage stamp, 1945 issue, commemorating Battle of Iwo Jima.
  John Bradley, who temporarily needed crutches following the battle due to shrapnel injuries, appearing next to a poster for the 7th War bond drive.
  The plaque placed on Mount Suribachi by John Bradley's family, shaped like the state of Wisconsin
  Rene Gagnon

Question 2: [43] This book inspired a 2006 movie of the same name, directed by ________.
Clint Eastwood in the 1970sClint Eastwood filmographyClint Eastwood in the 1960sClint Eastwood

Question 3: In July 1945, the ________ released a postage stamp bearing the image.
United States ConstitutionUnited States Postal ServiceU.S. stateUnited States Congress

Question 4: Mikhail Yegorov - Soviet flag raiser over the Reichstag in ________, 1945

Question 5: [48] Other iconic photos frequently compared include V–J day in Times Square, Into the Jaws of Death, ________, and the raising of the Israeili Ink Flag.
Prague OffensiveSoviet UnionRaising a flag over the ReichstagWorld War II

Question 6: [45] In 2005, the ________ released a commemorative silver dollar bearing the image in this photograph.
United States MintPenny (United States coin)Dollar coin (United States)United States dollar

Question 7: West, in turn, forwarded the letter to Marine Corps Commandant ________, who ordered an investigation.
Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr.Alexander VandegriftClifton B. CatesThomas Holcomb

Question 8: On orders from ________ Chandler Johnson, passed on by Captain Severance, Sergeant Michael Strank, Corporal Harlon H.
ColonelSecond LieutenantLieutenant ColonelCaptain (land)

Question 9: ________ activists in the 1960s altered the flag to bear a peace symbol, as well as several anti-establishment artworks.
Peace movementAnti-warOpposition to military action against IranOpposition to the Iraq War

Question 10: [49] The the logo of the ________ operating system from 1994 to 2004 was a parody of the photograph, and an altered version appeared on the cover of Terry Pratchett's novel Monstrous Regiment in 2003.

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