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Question 1: ________ candidates: BLAKE | Blue Midnight Wish | CubeHash | ECHO | Fugue | Grøstl | Hamsi | JH | Keccak | Luffa | SHAvite-3 | SIMD | Shabal | Skein
NIST hash function competitionNESSIESHA hash functionsAvalanche effect

Question 2: Attacks: Collision attack | ________ | Preimage attack | Rainbow table | Side channel attack | Brute force attack
NESSIEMD5Cryptographic hash functionBirthday attack

Question 3: The MD5-crypt and bcrypt methods—used in Linux, ________ Unixes, and Solaris—have salts of 48 and 128 bits, respectively.
GNUBerkeley Software DistributionMINIXOpenSolaris

Question 4: The more powerful RainbowCrack program was later developed that can generate and use rainbow tables for a variety of character sets and hashing algorithms, including LM hash, ________, SHA1, etc..
MD5Cryptographic hash functionMD2 (cryptography)SHA hash functions

Question 5: Nearly all distributions and variations of Unix, Linux, and ________ use hashes with salts, though many applications use just a hash (typically MD5) with no salt.
GNUMINIXBerkeley Software DistributionOpenSolaris

Question 6: A rainbow table is a lookup table offering a time-memory tradeoff used in recovering the plaintext password from a password hash generated by a hash function, often a ________.
MD5HMACSHA hash functionsCryptographic hash function

Question 7: Misc: Avalanche effect | Hash collision | Merkle-Damgård construction   Standardization: ________ | NESSIE | NIST hash function competition
Symmetric-key algorithmData Encryption StandardCRYPTRECBlock cipher

Question 8: Rainbow tables are specific to the hash function they were created for e.g., ________ tables can crack only MD5 hashes.
Cryptographic hash functionSHA hash functionsMD2 (cryptography)MD5

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