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Question 1: Common commutating electric motors can also be fed AC (universal motor), because reversing current in both stator and rotor does not change the direction of ________.
ForceEnergyAngular momentumTorque

Question 2: ________ were fed directly from the traction supply, and were controlled using a combination of resistors and relays that connected the motors in parallel or series.
Induction motorElectric motorElectrical generatorAC motor

Question 3: A few lines of the ________ in France also operate on a four-rail power scheme, but for a very different reason.
Paris Métro Line 4Paris MétroChâtelet (Paris Métro)Paris Métro Line 1

Question 4: In such a system, the traction motors can be fed through a ________ with multiple taps.
TransformerInductorTransformer typesNikola Tesla

Question 5: Electricity enables faster ________ and higher tractive effort on steep grades.

Question 6: Lines with low frequency of traffic may not be feasible for electrification (especially using ________), because lower running cost of trains may be overcome by the higher costs of maintenance.
2009 Formula One seasonFormula OneRegenerative brake2008 Formula One season

Question 7: 600 V DC is used by ________'s network of tramways and trolleybuses.
ItalyMilanRomeCorbetta, Italy

Question 8: There is a significant amount of published material that concludes that electric trains are more energy efficient than diesel-powered trains, and with proper energy production can have a smaller ________ footprint.
Carbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sinkCarbon dioxide

Question 9: Today, this is usually done by semiconductor ________ after transforming the voltage down from the utility supply.
DiodeHigh-voltage direct currentRectifierVacuum tube

Question 10: A railway electrification system supplies electrical energy to railway ________ and multiple units so that they can operate without having an on-board prime mover.
TrainSteam locomotiveRail transportLocomotive


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