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  • Tsar Alexander III is said to have held the collapsed roof of the royal car on his shoulders while his family escaped the Borki train crash site (pictured) uninjured?
  • Artrain USA (pictured) is a 5-car art gallery that tours the U.S. 11 months of the year, visiting small towns whose residents may not otherwise have a chance to see art up close?

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Question 1: infantry — fielding machine guns, designed to carry ________ units
Medieval warfareWeaponInfantryMilitary history

Question 2: Tippler (UK), Gondola (US) (or Lorry) - An ________ with no doors or roof which are unloaded by being inverted on a Wagon Tippler (UK) or Rotary car dumper (US).
Open wagonCovered goods wagonGoods wagonFlatcar

Question 3: ________ - (also called auto carriers) are specialized multi-level cars designed for transportation of unladen automobiles.
Dome carAutorackAuto TrainEMD F7

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  Typical American extended vision caboose.
  Soviet RT-23 Molodets ICBM launch train, in the St Petersburg museum
  A Spine car with a 20 ft tanktainer and an open-top 20 ft container with canvas cover
  Soviet RT-23 Molodets ICBM launch train, in the St Petersburg museum

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Tank Car.
  Articulated Well Cars with containers
  Armored train Hurban located in Zvolen, Slovakia
  Typical American extended vision caboose.

Question 6: ________ (MOW) cars, for the maintenance of track and equipment.
Railroad switchTrain stationRail tracksGlossary of rail terminology

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Tank Car.
  American Wooden passenger car
  British Mark 3 rail coach; an all-steel car from the 1970s

Question 8: Short hoppers for carrying ________ are called ore jennys in the US.
SteelOxygenAluminiumIron ore

Question 9: With the advent of containerized freight, special types of flatcars were built to carry standard shipping containers and ________.
Semi-trailerArticulated vehicleRoad trainSemi-trailer truck

Question 10: Crew car aka Outfit Car or a Camp Car[1], a bunk car or ________ mounted on a flatcar to house railroad employees.
Prefabricated homeModular buildingManufactured housingMobile home


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