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Raidió Teilifís Éireann: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of these is a Raidi Teilifs ireann product?
High performance cars,
commercial telecoms services, orchestras and performing arts, and related
Red Hat High performance Computing
High-performance computing, visualization and storage

Question 2:
What city is Raidi Teilifs ireann based in?

Question 3:
What country is Raidi Teilifs ireann based in?

Question 4: On 1 June 2009, it was reported by ________ that RTÉ was on the brink of bankruptcy.
Metro (Associated Metro Limited)Sunday IndependentEvening HeraldIrish Independent

Question 5: The division publishes the RTÉ Guide and sells ________ and VHS videos of RTÉ Television programmes, and audio tapes and compact discs of RTÉ radio programmes.
HD DVDLaserdiscDVDBlu-ray Disc

Question 6:
When was Raidi Teilifs ireann founded?

Question 7: [8] ________ said the high salaries were "rubbing salt in the wounds" for people who had lost their jobs or taken significant pay cuts.
Irish general election, 2002Fine GaelDublin North West (Dáil Éireann constituency)Irish general election, 2007

Question 8:
Who of the following is a key person at Raidi Teilifs ireann?
Toshiyuki, Hirata, President
Christophe Camborde, Chairman and managing director, Founder
Eric Aouani
Cathal Goan, Director-General

Question 9:
What area does Raidi Teilifs ireann serve?
United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, The Netherlands
Ireland and Northern Ireland
US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan
United Kingdom & Ireland

Question 10:
What industry is Raidi Teilifs ireann in?


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