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Question 1: Ragnar raided France many times, using the rivers as highways for his fleets of ________.
LongshipHerring BussTall shipYoal

Question 2: One of his favorite tactics was to attack ________ cities on church feast days, knowing that many soldiers would be in church.
JesusChristianityCatholic ChurchChristian

Question 3: The King of West Francia, ________'s grandson Charles the Bald, paid Ragnar a huge amount of money not to destroy the city.
CharlemagneLothair IAlboinLouis the Pious

Question 4: His other sons, ________ (alias Hingwar) and Ubbe soon learned the details of their father's death and swore that they would avenge his killing, in time-honoured Viking tradition.
AuisleAmlaíb CuaránGofraid ua ÍmairIvar the Boneless

Question 5: These wars were a prelude to the long struggle of the Saxons of ________ against the Danes a generation later, which also included the leader named Guthrum, all of whom founded the Danelaw.
Edward the ElderCnut the GreatÆthelred the UnreadyAlfred the Great

Question 6: His most notable raid was probably the raid upon Paris in 845 AD, which was spared from burning only by the payment of 7,000 lbs of silver as danegeld by ________.
Charles the FatConrad II, Holy Roman EmperorOtto I, Holy Roman EmperorLouis the Younger

Question 7: He landed in ________ on the north-east coast of England.
Scandinavian YorkEric BloodaxeNorthumbriaAmlaíb Cuarán

Question 8: Ragnar Lodbrok (Ragnar "Hairy-Breeks", Old Norse: Ragnarr Loðbrók) was a Norse legendary hero from the ________ who was thoroughly reshaped in Old Norse poetry and legendary sagas.
Viking AgeViking expansionPomerania during the Early Middle AgesVarangians

Question 9: ________ was ravaged and then Carolivenna, a mere 20 km from St.
Le HavreBihorelRouenSotteville-lès-Rouen

Question 10: The traditional date for this is 28 March, which is today referred to as Ragnar Lodbrok Day by certain followers of the ________ religion.
NeopaganismUrglaaweNeo-völkisch movementsGermanic Neopaganism


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