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Question 1: Some ________ rāgas are Harikambhoji, Kalyani, Kharaharapriya, Mayamalavagowla, Sankarabharanam and Todi.
BhupalamGamanashramaMelakartaCarnatic music

Question 2: Ragas such as Bhairavi, ________, Bilahari, Devagandhari, and Neelambari fall under this category.
KambhojiBhupalamCarnatic musicMadhuvanti

Question 3: Rāga, a documentary about the life and music of ________
Ravi ShankarLata MangeshkarSardar Vallabhbhai PatelSatyajit Ray

Question 4: Rāgas and rāginis were often pictured as ________ gods, Rajput princes and aristocratic women in an eternal cycle of love, longing and fulfilment.

Question 5: Rāgas that have five swaras are called audava (औडव) rāgas; those with six, shaadava (षाडव); and with seven, sampurna (संपूर्ण, ________ for 'complete').

Question 6: Rāgas in north Indian music system follow the 'law of consonances' established by Bharata in his ________, which does not tolerate deviation even at the shruti level.
Rasa (aesthetics)Natya ShastraNātyakalpadrumamHindustani classical music

Question 7: "colour" or "mood") refers to melodic modes used in ________.
Indian classical musicHindustani classical musicIslamic musicCarnatic music

Question 8: Each rāga has a definite collection and orders of swaras (the basic ________).
Pitch (music)SemitoneOctaveNote

Question 9: Rāgas can also specify ________ changes to this scale: a flatter second, a sharper seventh, and so forth.
Microtonal musicQuarter toneSemitoneJust intonation

Question 10: In ________, there are 7 basic notes of which there are 12 varieties.
BhupalamDheerasankarabharanamDhenukaCarnatic music


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