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Radula: Quiz


Question 1: The teeth of the radula are lubricated by the mucus of the ________, just above the radula.
Head and neck anatomyFasciaSalivary glandFacial muscles

Question 2: Within the ________, the radula is used in feeding by both herbivorous and carnivorous snails and slugs.

Question 3: Another so-called radula has been reported from the early Cambrian in 1974, this one preserved with fragments of the mineral ________ suspended in a quartz matrix, and showing similarities to the radula of the modern cephalopod Sepia.
Heavy mineral sands ore depositsRutileTitaniteIlmenite

Question 4: The number of teeth present depends on the ________ of mollusc and may number more than 100,000.
LifeEvolutionSpeciesBiological classification

Question 5: Predatory cephalopods such as ________ use the radula for cutting prey.
Sea urchinOctopusSquidFlatfish

Question 6: The radula (plural radulae or radulas[1]) is an anatomical structure found in ________ and used for feeding.

Question 7: (January 2008) "Comparative ________ of Radula-Supporting Structures in Gastropoda".

Question 8: The first bona fide radula dates to the Early Cambrian,[4] although trace fossils from the earlier ________ have been suggested to have been made by the radula of the organism Kimberella.
CryogenianEdiacara biotaGeologic time scaleEdiacaran

Question 9: The radula is unique to the ________, and is found in all classes of mollusks except for the bivalves.

Question 10: Food particles are trapped into this sticky ________, smoothing the progress of food into the oesophagus.
Respiratory systemInfluenzaLungMucus


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