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Radium and radon in the environment: Quiz


Question 1: Note that while high uranium in the ________/rock under a house does not always lead to a high radon level in air, a positive correlation between the uranium content of the soil and the radon level in air can be seen.
ClayWater wellSoilLandslide

Question 2: They were shocked to find that the source was astonishingly high levels of Radon in his ________ and it was not related to the nuclear plant.

Question 3: The risks associated with living in his house were estimated to be equivalent to smoking 135 packs of ________ every day.
CigarettePassive smokingElectronic cigaretteTobacco advertising

Question 4: In uranium miners radon has been found to be more ________ in smokers than in non-smokers.

Question 5: The towns of Misasa, Japan, and ________, Germany boast radium-rich springs which emit radon.
Bad KreuznachWaldböckelheimNiederhausenFrei-Laubersheim

Question 6: Not all granitic regions are prone to high emissions of radon, for instance while the rock which ________ is on is very radium rich the rock lacks the cracks required for the radon to migrate.

Question 7: The majority of the dose is caused by the decay of the polonium (218Po) and ________ (214Pb) daughters from 222Rn.

Question 8: Currently the level of radon in the air of mines is normally controlled by ________.
Scots lawLawXeerSharia

Question 9: Lastly the ________ (UNSCEAR) consider that the exposure of the lungs to 1 Bq of 222Rn (in equilibrium with its decay products) for one year will cause a dose of 61 μSv.
United Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUnited NationsIsrael, Palestine, and the United Nations

Question 10: The ________ recommends that action should be taken starting from concentrations of 400 Bq/m3 for old houses, and 200 Bq/m3 for new ones.
European UnionGermanyEuropean ParliamentDenmark


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