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Question 1: The ________ claims 28 U.S.
Human spaceflightSpace explorationSpace RaceNASA

Question 2: The Apollo 13 accident represents an extreme scenario due to the high re-entry velocities of the craft returning from ________.
SunVacuumUniverseOuter space

Question 3: ________ are placed in the walls of the container, with the outer end of each thermocouple connected to a heat sink.

Question 4: Transit-5BN-3 navigation satellite failed to achieve orbit and burnt up on re-entry north of ________.
MozambiqueMaldivesSaint HelenaMadagascar

Question 5: Because ________ was aborted, its RTG now rests in the South Pacific ocean, in the vicinity of the Tonga Trench.
Apollo 11Apollo programApollo 8Apollo 13

Question 6: They are thought to now lie somewhere in a northeast-southwest running oval 320 km long by 80 km wide which is centred 32 km east of Iquique, ________.

Question 7: The ________ cooperative threat reduction program has expressed concern that material from the Beta-M RTGs can be used by terrorists to construct a dirty bomb.
United States Secretary of DefenseUnified Combatant CommandJoint Chiefs of StaffUnited States Department of Defense

Question 8: There are no ________ risks associated with plutonium-238.
Nuclear arms raceNuclear weaponNuclear proliferationNuclear weapons testing

Question 9: A thermocouple is a thermoelectric device that converts thermal ________ directly into electrical energy using the Seebeck effect.

Question 10: Beta radiation can give off considerable amounts of Gamma/X-ray radiation through ________ secondary radiation production, thus requiring heavy shielding.

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