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Question 1: ________ source waste can contain alpha, beta, neutron or gamma emitters.
IndustrialisationIndustrial RevolutionIndustryEconomics

Question 2: Synroc was invented by the late Prof Ted Ringwood (a geochemist) at the ________.
Waseda UniversityNational Taiwan UniversityAustralian National UniversityKorea University

Question 3: In particular, the ________ was a proposed nuclear reactor with a nuclear fuel cycle that produced no transuranic waste and in fact, could consume transuranic waste.
Molten salt reactorLong-lived fission productIntegral Fast ReactorRadioactive waste

Question 4: This product, as a melt, is poured into ________ cylindrical containers ("cylinders") in a batch process.
CopperGoldStainless steelSilver

Question 5: Radioactive waste is a ________ product containing radioactive material.
WasteBiofuelRecyclingZero waste

Question 6: [20] The radioactivity of fly ash is about the same as black shale and is less than ________ rocks, but is more of a concern because a small amount of the fly ash ends up in the atmosphere where it can be inhaled.
Adenosine triphosphatePhosphatePhosphorusPhosphate homeostasis

Question 7: Certain radioactive elements (such as ________) in “spent” fuel will remain hazardous to humans and other living beings for hundreds of thousands of years.
Integral Fast ReactorPlutonium-239Nuclear fissionUranium-238

Question 8: A truncated ________ type extraction process would be one possible method of making the separation.
PlutoniumUraniumPUREXNuclear reprocessing

Question 9: A lot of this waste is ________-emitting matter from the decay chains of uranium and thorium.
ElectronAlpha decayAtomAlpha particle

Question 10: At that point the fuel has to be replaced in the reactor with fresh fuel, even though there is still a substantial quantity of uranium-235 and ________ present.

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