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Radio propagation: Quiz


Question 1: At ________ or higher frequencies, absorption by molecular resonance in the atmosphere (mostly water, H2O and oxygen, O2) is a major factor in radio propagation.
Ku bandRadio wavesMicrowaveX-ray

Question 2: Signals for urban ________ tend to be dominated by ground-plane effects as they travel over the rooftops of the urban environment.
Mobile phone featuresMobile phoneMobile phones and driving safetyMobile telephony

Question 3: Since radio propagation is somewhat unpredictable, such services as emergency locator transmitters, in-flight communication with ocean-crossing aircraft, and some television broadcasting have been moved to ________ transmitters.
Space RaceGeocentric orbitSatelliteNASA

Question 4: Lower frequencies (between 30 and 3,000 kHz) have the property of following the curvature of the earth via ________ propagation in the majority of occurrences.
ShortwaveSurface waveRadio propagationElectromagnetic radiation

Question 5: Today LF and VLF are mostly used for ________, and for military communications, especially with ships and submarines.
Radio clockTime transferTime signalLow frequency

Question 6: This path can be a direct line of sight path or an over-the-horizon path aided by refraction in the ________.
IonosphereGeomagnetic stormRadio propagationAtmospheric electricity

Question 7: Early commercial and professional radio services relied exclusively on ________, low frequencies and ground-wave propagation.
Medium waveLongwaveShortwaveL band

Question 8: Factors influencing ionospheric radio signal propagation can include sporadic-E, spread-F, solar flares, ________, ionospheric layer tilts, and solar proton events.
Space weatherCluster missionGeomagnetic stormVan Allen radiation belt

Question 9: A sudden ionospheric disturbance or shortwave fadeout is observed when the x-rays associated with a ________ ionize the ionospheric D-region.
Solar windSunCoronal mass ejectionSolar flare

Question 10: Skywave propagation, also referred to as skip, is any of the modes that rely on refraction of radio waves in the ________, which is made up of one or more ionized layers in the upper atmosphere.
Geomagnetic stormRadio propagationIonosphereAtmospheric electricity


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