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Question 1: GPS clocks provide the precise time needed for ________ measurement of the electrical waves on an electricity grid to determine the health of the system.
Grid energy storageSmart gridPickens PlanPhasor measurement unit

Question 2: A radio clock is a ________ that is synchronized by a time code bit stream transmitted by a radio transmitter connected to a time standard such as an atomic clock.
Water clockHorologyMarine chronometerClock

Question 3: Time down to the tenth of a second was shown on an ________ display.
Gas-discharge lampLight-emitting diodeFluorescent lampLED lamp

Question 4: This is what is done in satellite navigation systems such as the ________.
CompassF-15 EagleInertial navigation systemGlobal Positioning System

Question 5: GPS, Galileo and ________ satellite navigation systems have a caesium or rubidium atomic clock on each satellite, referenced to a clock or clocks on the ground.
GLONASSGalileo (satellite navigation)Global navigation satellite systemGlobal Positioning System

Question 6: eLoran also includes additional pulses which can transmit auxiliary data such as ________ corrections and UTC information.
Global navigation satellite systemGlobal Positioning SystemWide Area Augmentation SystemDifferential GPS

Question 7: Radio clocks synchronized to terrestrial time signals can usually achieve an accuracy of around 1 millisecond relative to the time standard (citation ?), generally limited by uncertainties and variability in ________.
High frequencyRadio propagationMicrowaveUltra high frequency

Question 8: It kept time during periods of poor reception with a quartz-crystal ________.
VibrationElectronic oscillatorOscillationHarmonic oscillator

Question 9: One of the first radio clocks was offered by ________ in late 1983.
Hewlett-PackardZenith ElectronicsAmateur radioHeathkit

Question 10: Renewed interest in ________ applications and development has recently appeared as an augmentation to GPS and other GNSS systems.
Decca Navigator SystemLongwaveGlobal Positioning SystemLORAN


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