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Question 1: "Radio Song" is the fourth single released by R.E.M. from their ________ album Out of Time, where it appeared as the opening track.

Question 2: All songs written by ________, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Michael Stipe unless otherwise indicated.
Murmur (album)Hindu Love Gods (band)Bill BerryR.E.M.

Question 3: Stipe also asked ________, leader of Boogie Down Productions (of which Stipe was a fan), to contribute to the track.
KRS-One (album)A Retrospective (KRS-One album)KRS-One discographyKRS-One

Question 4: Singer ________ once said that he hoped everyone had enough sense of humor to realize that he was "kind of taking the piss of everyone," himself included.
R.E.M.Bill BerryPeter BuckMichael Stipe


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