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Question 1: First coined by journalist ________, radical chic has entered broad usage as a derogatory term for the pretentious adoption of radical causes by celebrities, socialites, and high society.
The Right Stuff (book)Stalking the Billion-Footed BeastTom WolfeThe New Journalism

Question 2: It refers to the appropriation of symbols, objects, and aesthetics related to radical militants, usually in the context of pop culture[4] or ________.
Byzantine dressFashionEarly medieval European dressAnglo-Saxon dress

Question 3: They are ________ invested in their cause of choice only so far as it advances their social standing.
IdeologyPoliticsJürgen HabermasSociology

Question 4: Regardless, because terrorist chic derives its ________ from groups and individuals often associated with violent conflict or terrorism, the term carries a greater pejorative tone than "radical chic."
IconographyMadonna (art)Gothic artHalo (religious iconography)

Question 5: This derivative, however, de-emphasizes the class satire of Wolfe's original term, instead accentuating concerns over the semiotics of radicalism (such as the ________).
Code (semiotics)Ferdinand de SaussureValue (semiotics)Aestheticization of violence


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