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Question 1: Wilhelm Maybach designed the first honeycomb radiator for the ________.
Daimler-Motoren-GesellschaftMercedes SimplexMercedes (car)Mercedes 35 hp

Question 2: Turbo charged or supercharged engines may have an ________, which is an air-to-air or air-to-water radiator used to cool the incoming air charge—not to cool the engine.
Manifold (automotive)CarburetorIntercoolerTurbocharger

Question 3: This absorbs an amount of heat equivalent to the ________, which for water is more than five times the energy required to heat the same quantity of water from 0°C to 100°C.
HalogenActinoidEnthalpy of vaporizationNoble gas

Question 4: The engine temperature is primarily controlled by a wax-pellet type of ________, a valve which opens once the engine has reached its optimum operating temperature.
ThermostatMeasuring instrumentInternal combustion engineBuilding automation

Question 5: At one point, there were even plans to equip the Spitfire with a ________, by injecting fuel into this duct after the radiator and igniting it.
RamjetTurbopropTurbofanAircraft engine

Question 6: Electric fans are controlled by a thermostatic switch or the ________.
Fuel injectionEngine control unitInternal combustion engineThrottle

Question 7: In ________ with a liquid-cooled internal combustion engine a radiator is connected to channels running through the engine and cylinder head, through which a liquid (coolant) is pumped.
Vacuum servoAutomobileDisc brakeThrottle

Question 8: High-performance piston aircraft with well-designed low-drag radiators (notably the ________) derived a significant portion of their thrust from this effect.
P-47 ThunderboltF-86 SabreP-51 MustangCurtiss P-40

Question 9: Antifreeze itself is usually ________ or propylene glycol (with a small amount of corrosion inhibitor).
Isopropyl alcohol1,2-DichloroethaneGlycerolEthylene glycol

Question 10: Opening a hot radiator drops the system pressure immediately and may cause a sudden ebullition of super-heated coolant which can cause severe burns (see ________).
VolcanoTriton (moon)Enceladus (moon)Geyser


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