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  • Maurice Lenz, a physician, professor, and radiation therapy pioneer, was internationally known amongst his peers for his fluency in English, Russian, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish?

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Question 1: Because cancer cells generally are undifferentiated and ________-like, they reproduce more, and have a diminished ability to repair sub-lethal damage compared to most healthy differentiated cells.
Developmental biologyStem cellUmbilical cordEmbryo

Question 2: ________ and melanoma are generally considered to be radioresistant.
Renal cell carcinomaCholangiocarcinomaRenal oncocytomaOncocytoma

Question 3:
Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy and Tamoxifen are all:
All pages needing cleanup Radiobiology Cancer treatments Radiation oncology

Question 4: It is used as ________ (where cure is not possible and the aim is for local disease control or symptomatic relief) or as therapeutic treatment (where the therapy has survival benefit and it can be curative).
Palliative careCancerAdverse effectHospice

Question 5: Particle therapy is a special case of external beam radiotherapy where the particles are protons or heavier ________.
IonLithium-ion batteryHalf cellElectrolyte

Question 6: Brand names for these treatments include Axesse, ________, Gamma Knife, Novalis, Primatom, Synergy, X-Knife, TomoTherapy and Trilogy.
GreeceUnited StatesCyberknifeJapan

Question 7: Historically, the three main divisions of radiotherapy are external beam radiotherapy (EBRT or XBRT) or teletherapy, ________ or sealed source radiotherapy, and systemic radioisotope therapy or unsealed source radiotherapy.
UraniumPlutoniumRadiation therapyBrachytherapy

Question 8:
Radiation therapy, Ionizing radiation and Radiation poisoning are all:
Radiobiology Cancer treatments All pages needing cleanup Medical physics

Question 9: In 2002, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ibritumomab tiuxetan (Zevalin), which is an anti-________ monoclonal antibody conjugated to yttrium-90.

Question 10: It is also common to combine radiotherapy with surgery, ________, hormone therapy or some mixture of the three.
Cancer immunotherapyAntineoplasticATC code LChemotherapy


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