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Question 1: Radclyffe Hall (born Marguerite Radclyffe-Hall on August 12, 1880 - October 7, 1943) was an English poet and author, best known for the lesbian classic ________.
The Well of LonelinessNatalie Clifford BarneyDjuna BarnesRomaine Brooks

Question 2: Hall is best known for ________, the only one of her eight novels to have overt lesbian themes.
Romaine BrooksNatalie Clifford BarneyDjuna BarnesThe Well of Loneliness

Question 3: [4] Hall became involved in affairs with other women throughout the years, possibly including blues singer ________.
Duke EllingtonAlberta HunterBessie SmithEthel Waters

Question 4: Marguerite Radclyffe Hall was born in ________, Hampshire (now Dorset) in 1880, to a wealthy philandering father and quarrelsome mother.
Weymouth, DorsetBournemouthPooleFerndown

Question 5: She died at age 63 of colon cancer, and is interred at ________ in North London.
East Finchley CemeteryAbney Park CemeteryHighgate CemeteryWest Norwood Cemetery

Question 6: Hall was a lesbian[1] and described herself as a "congenital invert", a term taken from the writings of ________ and other turn-of-the-century sexologists.
United KingdomHavelock EllisGeorge Bernard ShawLondon

Question 7: She was a member of the PEN club, the Council of the ________ and a fellow of the Zoological Society.
Society for Psychical ResearchPsychokinesisRemote viewingParapsychology

Question 8: Although The Well of Loneliness is not sexually explicit, it was nevertheless the subject of an ________ trial in the UK, which resulted in all copies of the novel being ordered destroyed.
ObscenityBDSMPornographySexual revolution

Question 9: The book's mystical themes have been compared to ________'s Siddhartha.
Thomas MannBertrand RussellHermann HesseThe Glass Bead Game

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