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Radar warning receiver: Quiz


Question 1: Radar warning receiver (RWR) systems detect the radio emissions of ________ systems.
RadarX bandWeather radarUltra high frequency

Question 2: SEAD and ________ aircraft often have sensitive and sophisticated RWR equipment like the U.S.
Inter-Services IntelligenceCentral Intelligence AgencySignals intelligenceResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 3: Simpler systems are typically installed in less expensive assets like ________, while more sophisticated systems are installed in mission critical assets like military aircraft.
Disc brakeAutomobileThrottleVacuum servo

Question 4: For example, an active missile seeker might be a high pitched, almost continuous trill, whereas the ________ of an obsolete fighter type or SAM system might be a low pitched, intermittent buzz.
Weather radarX bandRadarUltra high frequency

Question 5: ________
H2S radarList of World War II electronic warfare equipmentNo. 100 Group RAFAvro Lancaster

Question 6: The symbol itself is related to the type of ________ or the type of vehicle that carries it, often with a distinction made between ground-based radars and airborne radars.
RadarX bandWeather radarUltra high frequency

Question 7: Tarang (India; ________ Flogger, LCA Tejas, Jaguar, Su-30MKI Flanker)
Mikoyan MiG-27Mikoyan MiG-29Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25

Question 8: This article is focused mainly on military airborne RWR systems, for commercial police RWR systems, see ________.
Global Positioning SystemDaytime running lampVehicle registration plateRadar detector

Question 9: A non-combat ________, or one attempting to avoid engagements, might turn its own radar off and attempt to steer around threats detected on the RWR.
Business jetDouble-deck aircraftWide-body aircraftAircraft

Question 10: Audible tones are usually assigned to each type of threat or type of ________ and are fairly distinctive.
RadarUltra high frequencyX bandWeather radar


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