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Question 1: Effective additives include secondary arylamine antioxidants, triazole derivative yellow metal pacifier and an amino acid derivative and substituted primary and secondary ________ and/or diamine rust inhibitor.

Question 2: Interference has recently become a problem for C-band (5.66 GHz) meteorological radars with the proliferation of 5.4 GHz band ________ equipment.
BluetoothWi-FiSatellite Internet accessWiMAX

Question 3: In ________, aircraft are equipped with radar devices that warn of obstacles in or approaching their path and give accurate altitude readings.
AviationPowered hang gliderFighter aircraftAirship

Question 4: Example systems using this approach are ________, MISTRAM, and UDOP.
FloridaCape CanaveralKennedy Space CenterAZUSA

Question 5: These precautions do not completely eliminate reflection because of ________, especially at longer wavelengths.
LaserHolographyDiffractionElectromagnetic radiation

Question 6: This is particularly true for electrically conductive materials, such as metal and carbon fiber, making radar particularly well suited to the detection of ________ and ships.
Double-deck aircraftAircraftWide-body aircraftBusiness jet

Question 7: In August 1917 ________ first established principles regarding frequency and power level for the first primitive radar units.
Wardenclyffe TowerElectricityNikola TeslaAlexander Graham Bell

Question 8: It has become the primary tool for short-term weather forecasting and to watch for ________ such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, winter storms precipitation types, etc...
Severe weatherRainMesoscale convective systemPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 9: This is described by ________, an effect that creates the Earth's blue sky and red sunsets.
Rayleigh scatteringLightOptical fiberDiffuse sky radiation

Question 10: The post-war years have seen the use of radar in fields as diverse as ________, weather monitoring, astrometry and road speed control.
Star AllianceOneworldAir traffic controlAirport

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