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Question 1: In the early 1980s, "graphite" (________) composites were introduced, and other materials were added to the composite, including ceramics, glassfibre, boron, and titanium.
AsbestosNylonCarbon fiberAramid

Question 2: Modern ________ racquets vary in length, weight, and head size.
Rafael NadalATP RankingsTennis statisticsTennis

Question 3: After a rule change in the mid-1980s, they are now almost always made of composite materials or metals (graphite, ________, titanium, and/or boron) with synthetic strings.
KevlarDuPontWallace CarothersNomex

Question 4: Most racquets are now made of composite materials including ________, fiberglass, metals such as titanium alloys or ceramics.
AramidCarbon fiberAsbestosNylon

Question 5: It was popularized by American top player ________.
Bob HewittJimmy ConnorsIlie NăstaseStan Smith

Question 6: The 27-inch (686-mm) long racquets are made of wood and use very tight strings to cope with the heavy ball of ________.
United KingdomReal tennisJeu de paumeEngland

Question 7: ________ racquets are light, with top quality racquets weighing between about 80 and 100 grams (with strings).
European Badminton ChampionshipsBadmintonBadminton EuropeBadminton World Federation

Question 8: Wood is still used for ________, racquets, and xare.
Real tennisJeu de paumeUnited KingdomEngland

Question 9: The Dunlop Max200G used by ________ from 1983 was an early graphite racquet, along with the very popular Prince "Original" Graphite.
John McEnroeEmilio SánchezTodd WoodbridgeFabrice Santoro

Question 10: Gut has partially been replaced by synthetic materials including ________, polyamide, and other polymers.

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