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Racism in the People's Republic of China: Quiz


Question 1: There are concentrated pockets of immigrants and foreign residents in some cities - most notably the "Chocolate City" of ________, which reportedly houses around 100,000 people of African origin.

Question 2: Allegedly, anti-Japanese sentiment in China is partially the result of political manipulation by the ________.
Deng XiaopingCommunist Party of ChinaMao ZedongKuomintang

Question 3: 鬼佬 (guǐlǎo) - Borrowed from Cantonese "________", "devil" or "devil guy", a slur for white people.
GweiloChinese languageCantonese (Yue)Ang Mo

Question 4: This is used mostly in the context of the ________, when Japan invaded and occupied large areas of China.
Pacific WarWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarOperation Ichi-Go

Question 5: In northern China and ________, the phrase is often pronounced as 小日本兒 (xiǎo Rìběnr) and may have a stronger negative overtone, as a result of the Japanese occupation of Manchuria and later China.
Northeast ChinaManchukuoYuan DynastyManchuria

Question 6: 倭寇 (Wōkòu) — Originally referred to Japanese pirates and armed sea merchants who raided the Chinese coastline during the ________ (see Wokou).
Han DynastySong DynastyMing DynastyTang Dynasty

Question 7: History textbook revisionism in Japan and the denial or whitewashing of events such as the ________ by right-wing Japanese groups has continued to inflame anti-Japanese feelings in China.
Nanjing War Crimes TribunalJapanese war crimesNanking MassacreNanking Massacre controversy and denial

Question 8: Racism in the People's Republic of China is a complex issue influenced by Chinese history, ________, and many other factors.
Chinese nationalismKuomintangZhonghua minzuHan Chinese

Question 9: 洋鬼子 (yáng guǐzi) - "Foreign devil", a slur for ________ or Caucasians.
White peopleChileEmigration from EuropeWhite Latin American

Question 10: [4] A well-documented incident in 1988 featured Chinese students and the general in widespread against African students studying in ________.

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