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Racism in post-Soviet Russia: Quiz


Question 1: In February 2007, President Vladimir Putin asked the ________ to combat racism,[2] but the number of reported hate crimes still increased.
Federal Security Service (Russia)Central Intelligence AgencyForeign Intelligence Service (Russia)GRU

Question 2: [1] In ________ Amnesty International registered 252 victims of racist crimes, of which 21 died.

Question 3: ________, a prominent ethnographer and anthropologist, was shot to death in his St.
Nezavisimaya GazetaAmnesty InternationalRacismNikolai Girenko

Question 4: Traditionally, this included antisemitism, as well as hostility towards various Caucasian and Central Asian ethnicities (whether of ________ faith).

Question 5: According to the Moscow Human Rights Bureau, from January to March, 2008, 49 people were killed in assaults by radical nationalists, 28 of them in the greater ________ area.

Question 6: ________, a journalist for Novaya Gazeta who tried to come to Markelov's assistance, was also shot and killed in the attack.
RussiaStanislav MarkelovUkraineAnastasia Baburova

Question 7: In March 2008, allegations of blood libel appeared in posters in ________.
NovosibirskRussiaSaint PetersburgBerdsk

Question 8: [16] Three years earlier, a nine-year old Tajik girl was stabbed to death in ________ by suspected far-right skinheads.
RussiaLeningrad OblastSaint PetersburgMoscow

Question 9: [22] It is also noted that there is illegal immigration coming from China into Southeastern Russia, especially after the fall of the ________ in 1991.
Soviet UnionJoseph StalinEast GermanyEastern Bloc

Question 10: Nationalism and xenophobia in Russia, ________ for Information and Analysis (non-profit organization that publishes information on nationalism and xenophobia in Russia)
Amnesty InternationalHuman rightsSOVA CenterMoscow Helsinki Group

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