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Racism in Portugal: Quiz


Question 1: Eventually urban cultures developed in southern Iberia, such as Tartessos, influenced by the Phoenician colonization of coastal ________ Iberia, with strong competition from the Greek colonization.
Atlantic OceanIndian OceanMediterranean SeaPacific Ocean

Question 2: Starting in the ________ as well as in the Bronze Age, the first wave of migrations into Iberia of speakers of Indo-European languages occurred.
25th century BC3rd millennium BC4th millennium BC2nd millennium BC

Question 3: Members of the Roma people in Portugal are known as Ciganos (________), and their presence in the country goes back to the second half of the 15th century.
RomanichalRomani peopleGypsyRomani people by country

Question 4: The earliest modern humans inhabiting Portugal are believed to have been Paleolithic peoples that may have arrived in the ________ as early as 35,000-40,000 years ago.
HispaniaPrehistoric IberiaSpainIberian Peninsula

Question 5: The Portuguese people are a southwestern European population, predominantly ________ and Atlantic European.
Mediterranean SeaAtlantic OceanIndian OceanPacific Ocean

Question 6: An ________ law was published on 28 August 1999.
AgeismRacial segregationRacismDiscrimination

Question 7: However, miscegenation happened outside mainland Portugal, among Portuguese males (whites) and black females from ________.
Scramble for AfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan AfricaAfrica

Question 8: This major wave of open miscegenation throughout the ________ was coined Lusotropicalism.
Dutch–Portuguese WarPortuguese EmpirePortugalColonial Brazil

Question 9: Portugal, as a new country of immigration since after the Carnation Revolution of 1974, has been witnessing the growing importance of all the issues related to the phenomena of ________ and xenophobia.
Racial segregationRacismEthnic cleansingSouth Africa under apartheid

Question 10: The Romans were an important influence on Portuguese culture, considering the Portuguese language itself derives from ________.
LatinOld LatinVulgar LatinRoman Empire


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