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Racism in North America: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________, Aboriginals are given preference for jobs and education and are considered to have P1 status.
CanadaNunavutNorthwest TerritoriesYukon

Question 2: Toronto's ________ went even further and called the suspects "brown skinned young men" in their article.
The Globe and MailA (TV system)CTVglobemediaCTV Television Network

Question 3: Quebec has a special situation within Canada because of the ________.
Portuguese languageFrench languageSpanish languageRomanian language

Question 4: Inuit composed 85% of the population of ________, which represents a new level of self-determination for the indigenous people of Canada.
Northwest TerritoriesNewfoundland and LabradorYukonNunavut

Question 5: In 1999, the Canadian government created an autonomous territory, Nunavut for the ________ living in the Arctic and Northernmost parts of the country.
CanadaMétis people (Canada)InuitCanada 2001 Census

Question 6: However, they were denied by law the rights of citizenship, including the right to vote, and in the 1880s, "________" were implemented to curtail immigration from China.
Poll taxDirect taxCouncil TaxProperty tax

Question 7: [11] The Exclusion Act was repealed in 1947, the same year in which ________ were given the right to vote.
Chinese AmericanOverseas ChineseChinese CanadianBritish Chinese

Question 8: ________ are even subject to names (i.e.
Los AngelesSacramento, CaliforniaMexican AmericanHispanic and Latino Americans

Question 9: ________ were also subject to anti-Asian racism, particularly during World War II when many Canadians of Japanese heritage — even those who were born in Canada — were forcibly moved to internment camps.
NiseiSanseiJapanese CanadiansJapanese American

Question 10: Canada's treatment of Aboriginals is governed by the ________, which provides special treatment for Indians, Inuit and Metis.
Indian and Northern Affairs CanadaR. v. JimIndian ActThe Canadian Crown and Aboriginal peoples

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