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Racism in Asia: Quiz


Question 1: Critics suspect that the Transmigration program's purpose is to tip the balance of the province's population from the heavily ________ Papuans toward western Indonesians, thus further consolidating Indonesian control.
Pitcairn IslandsPolynesiaMelanesiaNiue

Question 2: In the 2000s, neo-Nazi groups inside ________ have risen to include as many as tens of thousands of people.
Russian cultureUnited StatesMoscowRussia

Question 3: Brunei, is a ________ and a very conservative Islamic country.
Constitutional monarchyCrown jewelsCoronationMonarchy

Question 4: The Cham, a Muslim minority who are the descendants of migrants from the old state of ________, were forced to adopt the Khmer language and customs.

Question 5: [1] It should be pointed out, however, that two ethnic Bengalis: Muhammad Ali Bogra, ________ held the highest office of Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Huseyn Shaheed SuhrawardyKhawaja NazimuddinMuhammad Ali JinnahLiaquat Ali Khan

Question 6: The text reads, "________, you lifted up the outcast who was oppressed, you glorified the blind and the lame." (Rg-Veda 2:13:12)[17].

Question 7: Allegations that caste amounts to race were addressed and rejected by ________, an advocate for Dalit rights and critic of untouchability.
Rahul SankrityayanSwami VivekanandaAnnie BesantB. R. Ambedkar

Question 8: The earliest rejection of discrimination spiritually, was made as far back as the Hindu sacred text of ________, which says that no person, no matter what, is barred from enlightenment.
Bhagavad GitaVyadha GitaKrishnaMahabharata

Question 9: In 1978, a military operation was conducted against the Rohingya Muslims in Arakan, called the King Dragon operation, causing 300,000 refugees to flee to neighboring ________.
PakistanMalaysiaBangladeshSri Lanka

Question 10: About 30% of the population are ________ — Malaysians of Chinese descent) — and Indian Malaysians—Malaysians of Indian descent — comprise about 8% of the population.
PeranakanMalaysian ChineseOverseas ChineseChinese Singaporean

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