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Racism in Africa: Quiz


Question 1: [14][15] Jewish population were confined to mellahs in ________ beginning from the 15th century.
MoroccoUnited Arab EmiratesJordanSaudi Arabia

Question 2: The ________ of January 12, 1964 put an end to the local Arab dynasty.
KenyaTanzaniaZanzibar RevolutionOperation Parthenon

Question 3: [35] According to ________, slaves have been sold for US$50 apiece.
CBS Radio NetworkCBS NewsCBS RadioThe CW Television Network

Question 4: According to some estimates, as many to 600,000 black Mauritanians, or 20% of the population, are still enslaved, many of them used as ________.
SlaveryDebt bondageSexual slaveryUnfree labour

Question 5: Some, such the family of ________, fled east to more tolerant Muslim lands, while others went northward to settle in the growing Christian kingdoms.
SoulThomas AquinasMaimonidesAverroes

Question 6: [61] The most prominent case being the ethnic cleansing of Indian (sometimes simply called "Asian") minority in Uganda by strongman dictator and human-rights violator ________.
Thabo MbekiYoweri MuseveniIdi AminMuammar al-Gaddafi

Question 7: “How can you have a ________ creatures continue to exist in the age of computers?“ asked Botswana’s president Festus Mogae.
PrehistoryUpper PaleolithicStone AgePaleolithic

Question 8: Amin used this propaganda to justify a campaign of "de-Indianization", eventually resulting in the expulsion and ________ of Uganda's Indian minority.
Ethnic cleansingGenocideRacismRacial segregation

Question 9: [22] Slavery dates back for centuries in Niger and was finally criminalised in 2003, after five years of lobbying by ________ and Nigerian human-rights group, Timidria.
Sir Thomas Buxton, 1st BaronetThomas ClarksonGeorge William AlexanderAnti-Slavery International

Question 10: During the ________ the Zulu under Shaka overrun many smaller times and enslaved them.
MfecaneZimbabweLesothoZulu Kingdom

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