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Racial violence in Australia: Quiz


Question 1: Recently, technology has aided the organising of larger scale racial violence via ________ texting [6]
Internet Relay ChatSMSSteam (content delivery)Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Question 2: In Sydney, around 150 – 200 Indian men gathered to protest against perceived police inaction about attacks on them by ________ Youths in Harris Park, in the cities west.
Arab AustralianGreek AustralianLebanese AustralianItalian Australian

Question 3: There is a sense that in Australia and in other Westem countries, ________ has been based upon notions of xenophobia.
RacismEthnic cleansingSouth Africa under apartheidRacial segregation

Question 4: Racial violence in ________ is evident through various past and more recent events.
CanadaBarbadosUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 5: Commentators have discussed the concept of the risk society, particularly as it relates to the ________.
John Howard2005 Cronulla riotsSydneyAustralia

Question 6: A large group of rioters stole a ________ and rode to the nearby town of Boulder, where the destruction continued.
TrolleybusLight railHeritage streetcarTram

Question 7: ________ and racial violence are not a new concept [1]
Violence against LGBT peopleGay bashingHate crimeHomophobia

Question 8: Post 1950’s multicultural Australia has seen an increase in racial violence, as different ________ endeavour to live together in the same communities.
GermanyMinority groupBosnia and HerzegovinaUnited Kingdom

Question 9: In some cases, this has led to violence instigated by newer ________ groups, and in some cases, racial violence between non–anglo Australian ethnic groups.
MoresEthnic groupSouth Asian ethnic groupsIndigenous peoples

Question 10: Initially, in Australia's history, the ________ resulted in a homogenous Australia.
European AustralianWhite Australia policyRacial segregationRedlining

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