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Question 1: The 369th Infantry (formerly 15th New York National Guard) Regiment distinguished themselves, and were known as the "________".
Henry Lincoln JohnsonWorld War I369th Infantry Regiment (United States)93rd Infantry Division (United States)

Question 2: This phenomenon is due to ________ where whites actively leave neighborhoods because of a black presence.
Racial segregationWhite flightRedliningGhetto

Question 3: ________ (also known as miscegenation laws) prohibited whites and non-whites from marrying each other.
Racial segregationSouth Africa under apartheidRacismAnti-miscegenation laws

Question 4: In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson ordered the segregation of the federal ________.
Her Majesty's Civil ServiceImperial examinationUnited States civil serviceCivil service

Question 5: This verdict was overturned only in 1967 by ________.
Loving v. VirginiaAnti-miscegenation lawsJohn Marshall Harlan IIMildred and Richard Loving

Question 6: Pressure to end racial segregation in the government grew among ________ and progressives after the end of World War II.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African AmericanGreat Migration (African American)African American culture

Question 7: [22] Later, the court decision, ________ would reject the ideas of scientific racists about the need for segregation, especially in schools.
Timeline of the African American Civil Rights MovementBrown v. Board of EducationCivil Rights Act of 1964Thurgood Marshall

Question 8: It would be well to remember, though, that while racism had to be legislated out of the South, many in the North, including Quakers and others who ran the ________, were ideologically opposed to southerners' treatment of blacks.
Harriet TubmanAmerican Civil WarWilliam Cooper NellUnderground Railroad

Question 9: In all these states such laws were reinstated after the Democratic "________" came to power.
Redemption (United States history)Disfranchisement after Reconstruction eraRedeemersColfax massacre

Question 10: Whites generally allocate ________ as housing to the poorest blacks.
SkyscraperTower blockHigh-riseApartment

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