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Question 1: Her battle morphs were the ________ and African elephant, both massive and strong creatures.
CougarGrizzly BearBrown BearGray Wolf

Question 2: She is frequently described as something of an ________, being "addicted" to the "rush" of the war and the feeling of battle and conquering her enemies.

Question 3: Like the others, she also had the flea, housefly, seagull, and ________.

Question 4: She acquired Melissa Chapman's ________, Fluffer McKitty, to try to infiltrate the Chapman house.
LionCatGray WolfRaccoon

Question 5: The first was an allergy to the ________ DNA, which caused her to morph uncontrollably and randomly when she experienced heightened emotions.
Nile crocodileCrocodylusDwarf crocodileCrocodile

Question 6: Her full name is never explicitly mentioned in the books, but her relation to her cousin ________ through their fathers makes it most likely to be Rachel Berenson, if it was never changed or hyphenated.
Rachel (Animorphs)Jake BerensonMarco (Animorphs)Cassie (Animorphs)

Question 7: During the battle for the Hork-Bajir valley, she acquired a ________ to build a dam.
German languageBeaverNorth American BeaverEuropean Beaver

Question 8: She also acquired a ________ to find a squid to restore the Pemalite ship's programming.
Sperm whaleKiller whaleCetaceaFin whale

Question 9: Rachel is a fictional character from the sci-fi book series ________.
The Arrival (Animorphs)The Pretender (Animorphs)AnimorphsThe Change (Animorphs)

Question 10: Before the war, Rachel was very involved in gymnastics and had a lingering obsession with ________.
Early medieval European dressByzantine dressFashionAnglo-Saxon dress

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