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Question 1: Some researchers, such as ________, Richard Herrnstein, and Richard Lynn, have argued that such differences are at least partially genetic.
IntelligenceArthur JensenThe Bell CurveRace and intelligence

Question 2: The term race is often used in ________ as a synonym for subspecies.
Military taxonomyBiological classificationFolk taxonomyTaxonomy

Question 3: Some researchers have tried to clarify the idea of race by equating it to the biological idea of the ________:
Ghost lineagePhylogeneticsComputational phylogeneticsClade

Question 4: ________: Race and creation (extract from The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life) - On race, its usage and a theory of how it evolved.
The Selfish GeneThe God DelusionRichard DawkinsIntelligent design

Question 5: The figure for physical anthropologists at ________ granting departments was slightly higher, rising from 41% to 42%, with 50% agreeing.
Academic degreePostgraduate educationDoctorateDoctor of Philosophy

Question 6: Genetic differences between populations of organisms can be measured using the fixation index of ________, which is often abbreviated to FST.
Sewall WrightErnst W. MayrMaurice HillemanG. Ledyard Stebbins

Question 7: The 20th century racial classification by American anthropologist ________, divided humanity into five races:
Caucasian raceMediterranean raceCarleton S. CoonMiddle East

Question 8: Many consider de facto racial profiling an example of ________ in law enforcement.
South Africa under apartheidInstitutional racismGenocideRacial segregation

Question 9:
Race (classification of human beings), Race and ethnicity in the United States Census and Caucasian race are all:
NPOV disputes from September 2010 Social inequality All NPOV disputes Race

Question 10: In France, Henri de Boulainvilliers argued that the Germanic ________ possessed a natural right to leadership, in contrast to descendants of the Gauls.
FranksLombardsSaxonsGermanic peoples

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