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Rabbit punch: Quiz


Question 1: A rabbit punch is a blow to the neck or to the base of the ________.
BoneHuman skullSkullHead and neck anatomy

Question 2: It is considered especially dangerous because it can damage the ________ and subsequently the spinal cord, which may lead to serious spinal cord injury or even death.
Thoracic vertebraeSacrumCervical vertebraeAtlas (anatomy)

Question 3: Because this is a potentially fatal blow, the rabbit punch is illegal in ________[1], MMA, and many other combat sports that involve striking.
WrestlingBoxingKickboxingWorld Boxing Council

Question 4: The punch's name is derived from the use of the technique by ________ to kill rabbits with a quick, sharp strike to the back of the head, for instance using a blunt object such as a metal pipe.
Red FoxRaccoonHuntingGray Wolf


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