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Rabbit hole: Quiz


Question 1: Rabbit hole is the common theme of the introductions to Armin van Buuren's ________ Yearmix.
CyprusA State of TranceCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 2: A rabbit hole is the entrance to a ________'s burrow or warren.
Snowshoe HareEuropean HareEuropean RabbitRabbit

Question 3: In the film What the bleep do we know!?, the term is used in ________ to describe the initial page or clue that brings the player into the fictional world of the game.
Simulated realityAlternate reality gameVirtual realityAugmented reality

Question 4: The character Morpheus in the movie ________ uses this metaphor when he offers the character Neo the opportunity to enter "the real world".
The Matrix ReloadedThe MatrixThe Matrix (franchise)The Matrix Revolutions

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