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Question 1: This system was popularized by early home computers such as the Atari 400/800 and ________, where a special bus port was provided for the insertion of cartridges containing software in ROM.
Commodore SX-64Commodore 64Commodore 128Commodore VIC-20

Question 2: This type of system was pioneered on earlier home TV game systems, and until recently remained a popular approach with modern ________.
Video game consoleSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemWiiAtari 2600

Question 3: A ROM cartridge is a removable cartridge that contains read-only memory devices and, commonly, ________ devices to allow some read-write capability.
Dynamic random access memoryFlash memoryRandom-access memoryEEPROM

Question 4: A ROM cartridge is a method of adding different functionality or content—for example, a video game played on a video game console or different software programs run within a general purpose ________.
LinuxPersonal computerComputerCentral processing unit

Question 5: For several years, ________ used the term Game Pak to refer to ROM cartridges for its video game consoles.
SonyHistory of NintendoNintendoFujitsu


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