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RNA world hypothesis: Quiz


Question 1: RNA is made of long stretches of specific ________ arranged so that their sequence of bases carries information.
Adenosine monophosphateNucleotideAdenineAdenosine triphosphate

Question 2: ________ may have evolved from such RNA molecules, and tRNA from RNA molecules which had catalyzed amino acid transfer to them.
DNANon-coding RNAMorpholinoMessenger RNA

Question 3: The ability to catalyse the formation of peptide bonds, in order to produce short ________, or—eventually—full proteins.
PeptideBremelanotideMelanotan IIAfamelanotide

Question 4: A slightly different version of the hypothesis is that a different type of ________, termed pre-RNA, was the first one to emerge as a self-reproducing molecule, to be replaced by RNA only later.
Nucleic acid analoguesNucleic acidDNAMorpholino

Question 5: Eventually, RNA chains randomly developed with catalytic properties that help ________ bind together (a process called peptide-bonding).
Amino acidMetabolismL-DOPAAmino acid synthesis

Question 6: RNA, which can both store information like DNA and act as an ________ like proteins, may have supported cellular or pre-cellular life.
Cofactor (biochemistry)EnzymeAdenosine triphosphateEnzyme inhibitor

Question 7: The chemical properties of RNA make large RNA molecules inherently fragile, and they can easily be broken down into their constituent nucleotides through ________.

Question 8: However ribozymes play vital roles; ribozymes are essential components of the ________, which is vital for protein synthesis.
MitochondrionCell nucleusCell (biology)Ribosome

Question 9: It discusses the possibility that the earliest life on this planet was carried here from somewhere else in the galaxy, possibly on meteorites similar to the ________.
Planetary habitabilityMurchison meteoriteAstrobiologyPanspermia

Question 10: The RNA world hypothesis holds that in the ________/primordial sandwich, there existed free-floating nucleotides.


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