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RBMK: Quiz


Question 1: There is also a large amount of shielding to absorb ________ from the reactor core.
RadiationIonizing radiationRadioactive decayGamma ray

Question 2: Technical data on RBMK-1500 reactor at ________ - a decomisioned RBMK reactor
EstoniaLithuaniaVilniusIgnalina Nuclear Power Plant

Question 3: There is a sealed metal containment structure filled with inert gases surrounding the reactor to keep oxygen away from the graphite (which is normally at about 700 degrees ________).
KelvinCelsiusPascal (unit)Joule

Question 4: The products created by the ________ reactions are retained within the fuel pellets and these become neutron-absorbing products, also called nuclear poisons, that act to slow the rate of nuclear fission and heat production.
Nuclear fusionPlutoniumNuclear fissionUranium

Question 5: The RBMK was the culmination of the Soviet program to produce a water-cooled power reactor based on their graphite-moderated ________ production military reactors.

Question 6: Light water (the ordinary H2O) is both a ________ and a neutron absorber.
PlutoniumNuclear fissionNeutron moderatorNuclear reactor technology

Question 7: Fuel is low-________ oxide made up into fuel assemblies 3.65 metres long.
Nuclear reactor technologyPlutoniumNuclear fuel cycleEnriched uranium

Question 8: In RBMKs, light water was used as a coolant; moderation was instead carried out by ________.
CarbonDiamondCarbon nanotubeGraphite

Question 9: The RBMK reactor was the type involved in the ________.
Chernobyl disaster effectsUraniumChernobyl disasterPlutonium

Question 10: Some U-238 atoms are converted to atoms of fissile ________, some of which will, in turn, undergo fission and produce energy.
PlutoniumPlutonium-239Integral Fast ReactorNuclear fission


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