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Question 1: 15 Squadron (based at ________, Suffolk)
Duxford AerodromeRAF AlconburyRAF Honington364th Fighter Group

Question 2: 51 Squadron (based at RAF Lossiemouth, ________)
BurgheadMorayHighland (council area)Elgin, Moray

Question 3: In the past the nickname "Rock Ape" has been attributed to their traditional role guarding areas of ________, but this is not so.
Turks and Caicos IslandsCayman IslandsGibraltarSaint Helena

Question 4: 3 Squadron (based at RAF Wittering, ________)

Question 5: These were equipped with Rolls-Royce Armoured Cars and were highly successful in ground combat operations throughout the ________ in the 1920s and 1930s.
IranAsiaWestern AsiaMiddle East

Question 6: Each squadron contains several rifle flights, whose task is to engage the enemy at close range, and a support weapons flight, which provides fire support to the rifle flights using ________, mortars, and snipers.
Machine gunFirearmM2 Browning machine gunAssault rifle

Question 7: Two Regiment officers serving with the APL at Dhala decided to amuse themselves by going out to shoot some of the ________ (locally referred to as "rock apes").
GeladaBaboonHamadryas BaboonCercopithecinae

Question 8: From the start it had both field squadrons and light anti-aircraft squadrons, the latter originally armed with ________ and then the Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft gun.
P-38 LightningHispano-Suiza HS.404Supermarine SpitfireP-51 Mustang

Question 9: 504 ________ Squadron RAuxAF [Regiment Flight only]

Question 10: The term came into use after an accident in the ________ in November 1952.
South YemenYemenAden ProtectorateAden Emergency


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