Qur'an: Quiz


Question 1: ________ of Russia sponsored a printing of the Qur’an in 1787.
Catherine II of RussiaAlexander I of RussiaNicholas II of RussiaPeter I of Russia

Question 2: [77] In Sufi history, these interpretations were sometimes considered religious innovations (bid'ah), as ________ believe today.
Sunni IslamAliShafi`iSalafi

Question 3: As Corbin narrates from Shia sources, ________ himself gives this testimony:
Islamic schools and branchesAliShia IslamSahaba

Question 4: The Qur'an recounts stories of many of the people and events recounted in Jewish and Christian sacred books (Tanakh, Bible) and devotional literature (________, Midrash), although it differs in many details.
ApocryphaNew TestamentDeuterocanonical booksBiblical canon

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  The first and last chapters of the Qur'an together written in the Shikastah style.
  11th Century North African Qur’an in the British Museum
  Arabic Qur'an with Persian translation from the Ilkhanid Era.
  Arabic Qur'an with Persian translation.

Question 6: The Qur’an (pronounced [qurˈʔaːn]; Arabic: القرآنal-qur’ān, literally “the recitation”) is the central religious verbal text of ________,[1] also sometimes transliterated as Quran, Qur’ān, Koran, Al-Coran or Al-Qur’ān.
MosqueIslamIslamic schools and branchesMuslim history

Question 7: After the Qur’an, and the general rise of Islam, the ________ developed rapidly into a beautiful and complex form of art.
Arabic languageHebrew alphabetArabic alphabetSyriac alphabet

Question 8: History of Islamic Philosophy, Translated by Liadain Sherrard, ________.
Edmund KeeleyGiorgos SeferisPhilip SherrardConstantine P. Cavafy

Question 9: ________ and Sufis as well as some Muslim philosophers believe the meaning of the Qur’an is not restricted to the literal aspect.
IslamophobiaIslamic schools and branchesShia IslamIslamic theology

Question 10: This is the same reading which was read out twice by the Prophet (sws) to ________ in the year of his death.
GabrielJesusSaint JosephBiblical Magi

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